What is Mental Management?

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The definition of Mental Management®. It is the process of improving the probability of having a consistent mental performance under pressure, on demand. Mental Management is a registered trademark.  All Rights are reserved.

The most commonly asked question is how does Mental Management differ from Sports Psychology?  Mental Management is the study of winners, the information we teach was created and used by Lanny Bassham in the Olympics.  We understand what pressure is from a competitive stand point.  We teach a method of mental control that has been proven to work under pressure.  We teach a proven mental system based on performance.  Our system is taught by individual that personally used it and won at highest levels in their sport.

Mental Management teaches how performance is a function of 3 mental process and how you can improve each of those processes.  We work with players in a classroom setting and provide on-course application.  Some topics covered include: 3 Phases of a Task, Triad State Analysis, Performance Under Pressure, Training to Win, Building Self-Image, Principles of Mental Management, and more.

The Mental Management System is a recognized mental training program that is taught to and used by World and Olympic Champions throughout the world. Lanny Bassham is recognized as a teacher of the world’s best in the area of mental preparation for sport and business. His clients include the PGA and PGA tour players, Miss America finalists, Miss USA winners, World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army Marksmanship Unit, The US Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit and Olympic teams of USA, Canada, India, Japan, Republic of China, Korea and Australia.