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This two-day program introduces the instructor to both Mental Management and Performance Coaching concepts.  This program is open to coaches of all sports applications but the examples used are primarily golf related.  The maximum class size is 20.  The cost is $695 per person but you can save $145 if you register during the advanced registration period.  Watch our newsletter for details.

Who will benefit:

Golf Instructors

For any performance coach who wants training on how to build the player at the same time as they teach technique – our goal is to help to make your job easier and help to make you a better coach or instructor!

What will you learn:

  • How to structure training to help build self image in your students
  • 4 Stages of Learning
  • 4 Participation Level
  • 4 Readiness Factors
  • 4 Coaching Styles
  • Guidelines of Coaching
  • Importance of Edification
  • Benefits of learning from mistakes
  • Triad State Analysis
  • Mastery Curve
  • How people learn
  • Teaching Moment
  • How to conduct Performance Coaching Session
  • Understanding of how the mental game syncs with technique and form
  • How to make your coaching program more profitable (including intellectual property)
  • Develop an understanding of Mental Management as it pertains to instruction.

For more information call 972-899-9640 or send an email to info@mentalmanagement.comto request more information.

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