95% of all winning is accomplished by 5% of the competitors.

Why?  Are they smarter, luckier or just more talented?  In my experience as both an Olympian and an Olympic coach what separates the winners from the others is THE WAY THEY THINK.  Winning is a mental game and controlling your thoughts is the key.

Here is an example.  Winners are convinced they will finish first.  The others hope to do well.  The expectation of winning comes from the internal confidence the champions have concerning their performance.  They are in harmony with the idea that their expectation and their performance will be equal.

Additionally, winners focus on reinforcing what they are doing well while most players self-destruct by thinking about what they are doing wrong.  Winners are constantly looking for ways to improve while the majority of players look for reasons why they missed a golf shot.

One of my favorite clients is Fred Funk.  Fred did not contact us because he was playing poorly.  He was having a good year.  He contacted us because he desired to have a great year.  Winners do not wait until they are desperate for help before seeking it out. We helped Fred to understand that he needed to imprint what he was dong well and eliminate thinking about lost opportunities and poorly executed shots.  We helped him to understand the importance of a mental system in tournaments and to define what he was thinking about on the course.  Fred got it and wasted no time in implementing the information winning three times on tour within the next few months, twice on the Champions tour and once on the PGA tour.  Two of those wins were wire-to-wire.  How often have you seen that on tour?   Simply put, if you think the same way as the majority then you will end up where they are headed.  If winning is your goal you must think differently.

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